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Educator Spotlight: Gert Mayes, Rutland Regional Medical Center

Sep 27, 2021 4:01:20 PM / by Jumana Mascati

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Carole "Gert" Mayes, Clinical Educator II/IRB Coordinator at Rutland Regional Medical Center has been using PeriopSim since February 2020. We had the opportunity to ask her how she uses PeriopSim within her facility and here is what she had to say:

  1. How often do your learners use PeriopSim?
    At orientation, I assign the general surgery modules to be completed in 4 weeks of starting as a new OR nurse.

  2. Are there any specific modules you assign to them? 
    After the general surgery modules, they are expected to complete all the orthopedic modules by the end of their 9 month training period.

  3.  PeriopSim For Recruitment - is this something you talk about with a new OR nurse during the recruitment process?
    We discuss this tool during interviews. As they are learning, they repeat some of the responses using the narrator's accent whilst laughing. It helps them remember some of the challenging instruments.

  4. What feedback would you like to share from your Learners? Of note, my last group said the hip modules really helped them understand the procedure.


If you are ready to start using simulation within your facility for your Learners, request a demo today. We can share more on how other Educators are using PeriopSim. 

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Jumana Mascati

Written by Jumana Mascati