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How the Students at Northwestern Michigan College Used PeriopSim VR to Gain Experience

Jan 13, 2021 11:30:00 AM / by Angela Robert posted in Surgical Technologist, Digital Health, Surg Tech Program


COVID-19 was a challenge that many Surgical Technology Programs had to overcome so that the learners were still able to gain experience and hours while studying from home. Northwestern Michigan College was one of those schools that had to find solutions quickly. The Surgical Technology Program Coordinator, April Kesler, was looking to purchase something that Above: Northwestern Michigan College Campus. 3 Northwestern Michigan College would help with lab sessions when she came across PeriopSim. She recognized it from when it was brought up before in the Surgical Technology Instructor group on Facebook and decided to look into it further.

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2019 PeriopSim Survey Results

Oct 30, 2019 1:21:54 PM / by Angela Robert posted in RN, ST, Surgical Technologist, Digital Health, PeriopSim, perioperative, Survey


To prepare for the Survey we reviewed the Position Statement from AORN.  

For reference:


For the survey, we asked over 97 Perioperative professionals the following questions:

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