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Q: What does it take to get to an A in competency ratings?

Nov 19, 2021 12:38:40 AM / by Jumana Mascati

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Recently, a PeriopSim Educator had a Learner who completed the Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy procedure on PeriopSim seven times but was only able to achieve a B grade, and was wondering what it takes to get an A  in competency ratings?

Q: How much time do I have to spend to get an A?
A: To get a competency rating of A or B, for each procedure we recommend 1.5 hours of simulation time, which means completing a module at least 7-10 times.  Learner competency is calculated based on the last 3 experiences of a bundle. The level is determined based on accuracy and speed of delivering instruments. When a Learner takes more time to pass an instrument, it affects the overall competency rating.
Q: What is the difference between an A or B? 
A: At a B grade level, learners are passing instruments on time (ie not quicker than the allowed time). 
At an A grade level, learners are passing instruments prior to them being asked for and hence are at an anticipating level.  
Q: How do I go from a B to an A?
A: Learners can take more time when there are distractions or loss of focus during the time that they do the module. Although they may pass all the instruments, the time saved is what can bring a student from a B to an A. 
Q: What is the grading based on? 
A: PeriopSim assessment is based on a real life situation in an OR where a surgeon would expect an instrument passed to them well within the time required. Any extra time taken would be recorded and would affect the final rating. 

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the Educator Portal within PeriopSim and assign grades, please go ahead and request a demo.  


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Jumana Mascati

Written by Jumana Mascati