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Surg Tech Educator Tips: Should I Request a Demo?

Jul 29, 2021 12:00:00 PM / by James Hay

There are elements for Surgical Technology Program Directors and Educators to consider when evaluating PeriopSim before taking the request to your Dean. Over the past year, we have talked to many Educators and Directors and helped them build a case to integrate PeriopSim into their curriculum. Here are a few tips that we have compiled if you are thinking about PeriopSim as well.

1) What problem are you trying to solve with PeriopSim and is it aligned with what your Director is actively working on?  Key things PeriopSim is good at are teaching anticipation through repetition and increasing confidence for learners.  Increased confidence in learners impacts your Dean how?  Higher graduation rates, increased anticipation and preparedness during clinicals, and lower turnover are some of the answers we've heard from educators in the past.

2) Is now a good time?  Is your Dean asking for budget items, are you planning for your next cohort, are you looking for a way to recruit more students, are you needing new ways to keep your students engaged and motivated? 

3) Could you get all the necessary people to a demo?  

4) Is your facility innovative and are they investing in nursing education and simulation?  Is there an internal Simulation Center?  Do you have VR and Tablets for educational use? 

5) Does your school have access to grant funding?

6) Could this solution work into your curriculum and course guidelines?  Are you able to assign credits for modules? Will you be able to allocate enough time for the students to do the module at least seven to nine times?  See Northwestern Michigan Community College and Fletcher Technical Community College Customer Stories.

7) Would having quantifiable assessments on procedures and instrumentation of the learners be useful and valuable in the Learning Management System?  

If you've answered yes to many of these questions, reach out and request a demo.  We'll have a quick call and see if it's a good fit. 

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James Hay

Written by James Hay