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Bunker Hill Community College - Surgical Technology Program Interview

Mar 16, 2022 3:39:41 PM / by James Hay

Bunker Hill Community College's Surgical Technology Program needed a solution when the pandemic went online. A year later, the Surgical Technology Program is still using it! Jayne MacPherson, Department Chair at Bunker Hill Community College met with James Hay and Jumana Mascati from PeriopSim in Fall 2021 to do an overview of the first year using PeriopSim, and here's what she had to say:

Why did you decide to integrate PeriopSim?

“We thought about PeriopSim because we've already seen some hospitals saying that they can't take students this semester right now because of COVID. I think that PeriopSim will have more value for the students that may not be able to get to clinical right away. They will be able to do some simulation with the modules and keep their skills up”

Do you have any success stories?

The students that did use [PeriopSim] seem to do really well in clinicals, although we had a lot of good students. One of our students was at a major Boston hospital doing clinicals. One side of the hospital does all the big cases, and the other side does the smaller cases.  I noticed on PeriopSim that this student had been practicing with the Craniotomy modules. When I went to observe her during clinicals, she knew some of the instruments more than you would expect a student who's in her very first clinical semester to know. This is a new learner, this isn't somebody used to doing Craniotomy. I think that by having her do the Craniotomy modules on PeriopSim really helped.   


Anything else to add?

I will let you know that the people that used it the most have passed their certification exams, and have jobs.



If you are ready to integrate PeriopSim into your program, request a demo and let us know. 

Topics: Surgical Technologist, Surg Tech Program

James Hay

Written by James Hay