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What are students saying about PeriopSim?

Apr 19, 2021 2:24:00 PM / by Jumana Mascati

student on periopsim-1

Brooke Oliver, Assistant Professor of Surgical Technology was another one of PeriopSim's early Surgical Technology Program customers. She was looking for an alternative to increase her students' anticipation skills when being in clinicals or the lab was not possible.  Before the pandemic, Brooke had considered purchasing PeriopSim, but ultimately decided against it due to it only being available on Apple products. When PeriopSim became available on platforms, Brooke jumped at the chance to add PeriopSim into her program. 

The integration of PeriopSim went smoothy and there were hardly any problems for her students. Within a month, her learners completed 11 simulation hours, which translates into over 66 experience hours. Here are what the learners had to say about PeriopSim: 


Student 1: 

“I really like the PeriopSim software, I think that it is a good learning tool to help us revisit instruments we have maybe forgotten the name of, and to learn the sequence in which instrumentation may be asked for in procedures. The software helps a lot with anticipation and knowing what is next.”


Student 2: 

“I like the fact that it gets us prepared for anticipation while being in the OR. Also, the instruments are not always called Richland Community College 11 what we are used to so it allows us to learn all the different names for them.”


Student 3: 

“I like that it is refreshing the instrumentation but sometimes it is hard because the names of the instruments aren’t always what we are used to.”


Student 4: 

“I really like how it is easy and fun to use. It is almost like we get to play a game with learning. I like how each time you actually get to see yourself improve with the score going up and you are also able to learn the sequence of the overall operation and instrumentation.”


Student 5: 

“I really like the program. Especially the procedures, it is showing what the instruments are actually used for and it is making a lot more sense to me. It is also helping me with anticipation. All in all, though it is great and actually a fun program.”


Read the whole story on how Brooke grades her learners, how PeriopSim was used once clinicals became available and Brooke's thoughts on PeriopSim, click . 


Topics: digital simulation, Surgical Technologist, COVID-19

Jumana Mascati

Written by Jumana Mascati