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Should I Request a Demo? Educator Tips

Feb 24, 2020 12:36:39 PM / by Angela Robert

The purpose of this post is to give educators some quick tips to consider when evaluating  PeriopSim and taking the request to your Director.  


1) What problem are you trying to solve with PeriopSim and is it aligned with what your Director is actively working on?  Key things PeriopSim is good at is saving time in orientation and increasing confidence for learners.  Increased confidence in learners impacts your OR Director how?  Better team dynamics, surgeon satisfaction, lower turnover are some of the answers we've heard from educators in the past.


2) Is now a good time?  Is your Director asking for budget items, are you doing quarterly planning, has there been a big shake up and PeriopSim will help with one of the problems that is urgent and important, do you have more trainees than normal and are your preceptors burnt out? 


3) Could I get the Director and Business Manager to a demo?  


4) Is my facility innovative and are they investing in nursing education and simulation?  Is there an internal Simulation Center?  Do you have VR and Tablet's for educational use? 


5) Could this solution work within the curriculum for both Perioperative RNs and Surgical Technologists?  Is there at least 5 hours in the curriculum that we could spend on procedure and instrumentation simulation?  See University Hospitals in Cleveland Customer Story here.


6) Would having quantifiable assessments on procedures and instrumentation of the learners be useful and valuable in the Learning Management System?  


If you've answered yes to many of these questions, reach out and request a demo.  We'll have a quick call and see if it's a good fit.  

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Angela Robert

Written by Angela Robert