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PeriopSim - COVID-19 Response

Mar 17, 2020 4:40:45 PM / by Angela Robert

Wow.  It's been a year now.  I have been amazed and impressed at the resilience, grace and grit of everyone that I meet during my work days.  


A few things that we have been focused on:

1) Staying caught up with the news. 

2) We are working with Surgical Technology Programs to ensure they are able to take advantage of assessments and simulation when clinical experiences are and aren't available.  The majority of our Educators and Directors say that PeriopSim is going to be a big advantage for their students during and after the pandemic.


3) Working to support our Hospital Educators to ensure they have PeriopSim for their ongoing orientation, cross training and continuing simulation and assessment on surgical procedures.  


4) Getting our Travelling VR kit as quickly as we can to any customers or interested educators in learning about this type of simulation technology.  We have a big wait list and are working to get more kits to get them out faster.  


5) Working to make VR more seamless and accessible to Clinical Educators.


6) Developing more procedures as educators want more.  We currently have 18 in production, some specialty packages and some for the general package.  


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Angela Robert

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Angela Robert

Written by Angela Robert