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PeriopSim - COVID-19 Response

Mar 17, 2020 4:40:45 PM / by Angela Robert

This last week has been intense and we've been grappling with are we just a distraction or can we  be more helpful over the next 3 months?  During the past week, and over the weekend, we have had many conversations with Clinical Educators, Directors and Instructors at Surgical Technology programs across the US as well as at Perioperative Programs and Electives at Nursing Schools across Canada and the US.  After hearing their challenges and based on their feedback we have come up with two areas we think we should divert resources towards to increase the usefulness of PeriopSim at this time:


1)  Instructors are being asked to delay clinical placements and keep students out of the hospitals for an indeterminate amount of time.  To continue and keep moving forward Instructors are also being asked to add online learning into their programs.   

Our offer is that we are going to create a special PeriopSim Program offering the following features & benefits:

  • Available to all Surgical Technology Schools and Educational Institutions for their cohorts and students
  • Expanded Tablet access from iPad to PC, Mac and Android Tablets
  • Include all current content plus all new Conquer Experience developed simulation experiences funded through this program
  • In addition any  School that purchases PeriopSim by May 7 can lock in their renewal rate for 2021. 


  • PC, Mac and Android access delivered by April 7th. (Beta was delivered to customers on April 20th!)
  • Weekly eSports like activities
  • All content CE credit certified.

The more committed interest we have the lower the price or more new content we can offer.  

Surgical Technology Programs

Educational Institutions


We know this isn't going to be a silver bullet to have students graduate on time as simulation may not be counted towards clinical time, but it is a resource for students and instructors to keep the momentum.


2)  Everyone is in preparation and response mode at hospitals in North America.  Students are being asked to stay out of the hospital, non-urgent and elective procedures are being rescheduled and staff are focused on responding to patients walking in the door.  Perioperative RNs and STs that are staff and going through their onboarding/residency 3-6-9 month curriculum will be waiting to see what other changes are going to be happening day to day.  


Our contribution will be to look to accelerate and scale up our content as quickly as we can in key procedural areas for urgent or  essential procedures so that if facilities have a major staff population that are impacted personally by COVID-19, PeriopSim could be used for cross training.  


If you are interested in learning more:

Schedule a Demo


We understand it is a challenging time for all and there are many people that are looking to you for direction.  People's lives are being impacted greatly for their education, at work and in their personal lives.  We hope that we can provide some assistance.  These improvements and updates to our system have been on our roadmap and the pressure from COVID-19 is asking us to do them today vs. 2 years from now.  



Angela Robert

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Angela Robert

Written by Angela Robert