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C2 PeriopSim Challenge Results

Nov 22, 2021 5:11:18 PM / by Angela Robert

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For the second PeriopSim Challenge, participants had the opportunity to complete the Burr Hole Instrumentation set and Procedure to get to the top of the leaderboard. As seen in the final results, the students at Northwestern Michigan College dominated, taking all the top spots. Congratulations to all of the winners, especially Courtney Myers, who won the iPad grand prize, as well as the Week 1 prizes.


We asked the winners a few questions on what they thought about PeriopSim and here's what they had to say:


1. How easy was it to participate and do the simulations?

Courtney Myers: Participating in the challenge was super easy. It was something I was able to do whenever I had any free time during the day. 


Natalie Balogh: The instrumentation was pretty easy once I did it a couple times and learned the names, it was just a matter of trying to figure out what was being asked for as soon as possible. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but the instruments with longer names were better because the longer name gave me more time to scroll to find them. The procedure was a little harder to do, but again, once I did it a few times and got used to the steps, it was easier to anticipate what instruments would be next.


Malena Kain: It was pretty easy to participate in the challenge once you have signed up for it, right in the app, a challenge section popped up for easy access.


Olivia Wilson: Very easy! 


2. How did you get such high scores?

Courtney Myers: I achieved high scores by doing the instrumentation and procedure multiple times. Eventually, I was able to memorize the procedure and was able to anticipate what was needed next. 


Natalie Balogh: For the instrumentation, I tried to get the instrument into the blue box before they voice could finish saying it. It sometimes involved two hands, one to scroll and one to fling the instrument into the box. For the procedure, I tried to memorize and anticipate what instruments would be needed next and drop them into the box as soon as it came up and before the voice could ask for it.


Malena Kain: I got the scores I did mainly through repetition, as I was able to learn and memorize the instruments. 


Olivia Wilson: Practice! I’m at the end of my Surg tech program and I’ve gotten comfortable with the app over the past year 


3. In your opinion what is the top advantage/benefit/value of PeriopSim?

Courtney Myers: The biggest benefit is being able to familiarize myself with the instrumentation as well as see how each instrument is used. 


Natalie Balogh: I think PeriopSim in general is a great software that prepares students to critically think about procedures and what instruments would be used in different circumstances. It also helps with the snap reflexes of passing the correct instruments quickly and efficiently.


Malena Kain: I would have to say that the biggest benefit I have found is how quickly I was able to learn the surgical instruments and which ones were used for each surgery. It gives me the opportunity to access practice whenever and wherever I would like which is very convent when you are a full time college student and also working.



4. Anything else to add?

Natalie Balogh: I think these challenges are a really good way to get students invested in the app. I think the app is a great idea in the first place, and then adding that competitive element on top really gives that incentive to do it more and more. Just among my classmates we were rivalling for the top spots so I really had to work to get where I got and in the process got really proficient with all that’s involved in a burr hole procedure. 


Olivia Wilson: Thank you so much! I would love to participate in more challenges!


We'll be having many more PeriopSim Challenges in the future, so make sure to tell your staff and learners and represent your facility on the leaderboard! Request a demo if you are looking to incorporate PeriopSim into your curriculum. We would be happy to share how to use PeriopSim to aid in your students' education!

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Angela Robert

Written by Angela Robert